Illustration made for the literature podcast Leitura de Ouvido, depicting the famous short story by Oscar Wilde, "The Remarkable Rocket"

"Then a little Frog, with bright jewelled eyes, and a green mottled coat, swam up to him. 'A new arrival, I see! said the Frog. 'Well, after all there is nothing like mud. Give me rainy weather and a ditch, and I am quite happy. Do you think it will be a wet afternoon? I am sure I hope so, but the sky is quite blue and cloudless. What a pity!'"

― Oscar Wilde, The Remarkable Rocket.

“The Remarkable Rocket” is a fairy tale that evokes all kinds of people, but especially the unmodest ones. What Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) makes from this fable is actually a political tale, exploring multiple layers of attitudes of those who feel superior to others, plus a critique of society, which he built so well into his writings. . The British writer, poet, author of classics is one of the main proponents of Aestheticism, a literary movement that values ​​beauty over other values. Wilde wrote dramas, novels, poetry, children's stories and a novel that became very famous The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891).

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